Business Boo Boo's

When the sex toys you order online arrive broken, you can either panic or pull up your big girl panties and deal with it.  That's one way I can paint a picture of what it's like to run a subscription box business.  The woes that smack all of us sub box owners in the face from time to time of product arriving that we can't send to our customers however, we need to mail NOW.  There's no time to waste, no time to wait for new product, and it's not a nice feeling.  True, there aren't many of us that order in sex toys, however this Love Diva curates date nights for happy couples, so yes, I do order adult toys and accessories on a half regular basis.  And when mishaps involving said products happen, they do make for funnier stories versus a box of broken candles, so I figure why not write about it?

The story goes like this...

The box arrives and it brings a sense of peace because my To-Do List is long and mailing the Oh My! boxes to my eager customers is top priority.  My other priority is spending quality time with my boyfriend and I decide that it would be fun to open the box together and have a romantic night of our own.  Sure, this box of goodies is technically about business for me, however I know the success behind Date Mail is largely due to the fact that I'm finally in the best relationship of my life and therefore, I enjoy sharing the fun of it all with him.  So, we open the box and he's laughing at my excitement of how I'm certain everyone is going to love this medley of bedroom items.

And I say "Hey, I'm going to hop in the shower, why don't you go through it all a bit more and tell me what you like when I get out?"

What does he say when I get out of the shower?

"I hope you can return these."


Thought #1:  (after a big sigh)  Crap. I don't have time to wait for replacements.

Thought #2:  Do I delay shipping & explain to clients?  (quickly dismissed that idea)

Thought #3:  I have extra stock at the office!  It's all ok!

Thought #4:  This is going to make for a great Facebook Live video & blog posting!

Business Boo Boo's happen and as I said, you can either panic or pull up your big girl panties and deal with it.  I'm thankful I was forward-thinking enough to keep extra stock on hand for instances like this because the last thing any subscription box owner wants to do is delay their shipping date.  I choose to laugh because it adds to my Business Boo Boo List that includes the time the Fed Ex delivery guy decided to deliver a box of sex toys to an address I lived at 6 YEARS AGO instead of where I live now even though my current address was on the box.  How does that happen you ask?  Months later I'm still scratching my head and don't have the answer but rest assured it was awkward for him to go back and find the box that current tenants opened out of curiosity!

 By the way, I order in way more things for Date Mail boxes than sex toys. This is specifically for the Oh My! box that is clearly advertised as delivering adult toys & accessories only whereas many of our other boxes are a mix of romantic items that help couples stay connected outside of bedroom as well.

Anyways, that's a snapshot of what us subscription box owners go through from time to time.  We deal with it and move on because we love that you trust us enough to deliver a surprise experience to you each month.  There is a great satisfaction that comes with sealing and stamping each box we send out in hopes you will enjoy the box as much as we do, knowing full well that it's hard to please everyone however oh, how hard do we try!

Much love to you all and as always...

Happy Dating!

Tara Lehman, a.k.a. Love Diva & Founder/Owner of Date Mail

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