Jar Of Dreams

Want to bring the romance back into your relationship?  Then you better pack a suitcase.

Statistics show that 52% of couples define a 'romantic getaway' as an actual vacation somewhere.  Not just alone time or going out to a fancy restaurant, but actually getting out of dodge.  I fall in the category of assuming that travel was exactly what a romantic getaway meant, however, as you see, not everyone thinks that.


So, when was your last romantic getaway?  Sorry if I hit a sore spot but if I did, that's a sure sign it's time to pull out the map & plan one.  

I say this because my goal is to inspire romance in your lives beyond our SUBSCRIPTION box...after all, it only shows up once/month! 

And this blog post is inspired by my own vacation, so today, I write to you from Nakusp, BC and if you want a romantic getaway, this is an ideal place to plant yourselves.

Warning: There is no cell phone reception, so you have to get ol' fashioned and haul quarters out to call someone who cares BUT the lack of communication with the outside world is part of what makes this an ideal escape for some.



So, how do you go about deciding where to travel unless you decide to take my word for it and hit Nakusp?

Here's a tip:


1/ Find an empty JAR

2/ Take a piece of paper and write TRAVEL BUCKET LIST or something similar on it (aka Jar of Dreams like the blog title)

3/ Then, start filling it with IDEAS of where you'd like to go



Your relationship is a #1 priority and that's precisely why DATE MAIL exists. Whether you're enjoying our subscription box or going on a road trip, you're doing your relationship wonders because you intentionally set aside quality time together.  INTENTIONAL is the key word here.

I am going to launch a contest soon in which I will be asking for all of you to submit your favourite places to date

in Canada, so stay tuned for that. Let's help each other learn where we should be taking each other in this amazing, beautiful country of ours and it starts with this post today in the middle of nowhere BC!

My view as I write to you :-)

Happy Travels & Happy Dating,



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